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Allies at Saraband - By Lena

Allies at Saraband

Syn's Travel Journal
Entry I
--Got insulted by Tybalt.  I wonder what his problem is?  He's greedy, selfish, and he keeps staring at me.  He's scaring me like that.  
--Note to self:  Ask Dantares.
Entry II
--Dantares is P'OD because he got yelled at by Tybalt.  He says Tybalt is probably having a mid-life crisis and wants to pick on young guys.
--Masqurin gave me flowers.  I think she's up to something.  What am I supposed to do with flowers?  Oh but I DID say I'd take them.  I think I'm losing it.  Maybe it's because of all that pressure that old Benetram put on me.  
--I wonder if he's just a twig under all those robes?
Entry III
--Met Prince Medion.  I think Grace and Masqurin both fell for him the second he stepped into view.  I heard Masqurin say he was "sooo hot."  Hmph, I don't see what's so "hot" about him...all I see is his blonde hair...and the way he looks at me...so sensual...err o_O.  
--Note to self:  Ask Dantares about these feelings.
Entry .... what's the numeral for "4"? "VI", "IV"?? Oh darn it all...
--Dantares tells me that when we get back to Flagard, I need to have a serious talk with Dad about "the birds and the bees," whatever that means.
--We beat up some Toucans disguised as people carrying swords.
Entry 5
--Saw old man Domaric being carted away by Benetram.  The others can't believe Benetram would do something like that.  I think it's Tybalt in disguise.
--Wonder if old man Domaric is a twig under all those robes too?  He looks like he wears even more robes than Benetram.
--There were more of those so-called "Masked Monks" with them.  (Actually, they're Toucans disguised as Masked Monks, carrying swords.)
Entry 6
--Found Benetram at base camp.  He said he didn't steal the old man.  We believe him.
--We decided we'd make a break for it and look around town while the doing was good.  
--One of the birds belonging to this guy, Garosh, took a swipe at my flowers, but I kept them safe.
Entry 7
--Found the Toucans.  They beat up some Saraband-ian gaurds and were trying to go after Garosh and Hayward, two other guards.
--I didn't know Benetram had a twin.
Entry 8  
--Benetram's twin turned out to be a Toucan in disguise.  These guys sure are creepy.
--We saved Garosh.  He said he'd come with allies and clear our name.
--Hayward mentioned something about his weed being at stake during the battle.
--Note to self:  Ask Dantares about "weed."
Entry 9
--Dantares, Grace and Benetram said I had better stay away from Hayward and weed if I know what's good for me.
--That Garosh is a bum!  He didn't send allies to help.  We're being chased by Saraband now.  We're following the Toucans who took old man Domaric. Benetram says we have to help him.  
--My pencil is down to a stub.  I also need a new notepad.
--Note to self:  Swipe supplies off of Dantares.

Dantares' Log
Entry I
~That dumb Masqurin got me yelled at!  I'm gonna KILL her when we get out of this boring meeting!
~*#@%!!  These horseshoes are killing me...should've checked the size...
~Masqurin is so dead that it isn't even funny!
~Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain....
Entry II
~Synbios didn't let me kill her.  Infact, she gave him flowers!  I'M the one who should get flowers....besides, I love flowers.  
~We get to wander around the town...oh my poor hooves..
Entry III
~We met Imperial Prince Medion and his escorts.  Campbell was there.  He looks awful old with that goatee..or whatever that's supposed to be.  He was trying to be nice.
~I could whup his hide any day!
~Synbios was looking at Prince Medion kind of funny.
~Didn't Lord Conrad talk to him about these things?
Entry IV
~We were assailed in the marketplace soon after the explosions set off.
~Some of the Masked Monks laughed at our group.  We soon set ourselves to shut them up though.
~I was almost fried by a misdirected flame spell by Masqurin.  Maybe she has some vendetta against me?
Entry V
~An impostor!  We spotted an impostor disguised as King Benetram kidnapping Emperor Domaric!  
~It's obvious he's not King Benetram because he had those Masked Monks around him.
Entry VI
~We located the REAL King Benetram at base!  We decided to try to find out what was going on.
~I wish someone would stop suggesting we move around so much so that I could rest my hooves!
~Synbios seems to have some issues with pigeons.
Entry VII
~We arrived at the Docks just in time to help the guards that were being attacked, but for some reason, we just stood by.  I'm guessing it was supposed to be an element of surprise?  King Benetram is pretty strange sometimes.
Entry VIII
~We DID mobilize to help the two remaining guards.
~The Impostor also had revealed himself.  Of course, by then, we already knew he was an impostor.
~We rescued the Saraband guards.  One of them, Garosh, went off to alert the city and send aid.  The other, Hayward, continued battling with us.
~Synbios sure is inquisitive.
Entry IX
~O_o Hayward looks to be a negative influence on Synbios.
~ !_!  Our AID is chasing us down!  We have to prove our innocence ourselves it seems.
~ @#$%^* We have to follow the Masked Monks...across rough terrain!  As if my hooves weren't sore enough!  
~Synbios has been eyeing the supplies pack slung across my back...
~King Benetram suggests that I'll be able to fight better if I stop writing things down every few minutes.  (I don't see him suggesting something for my hooves though, hmph.)

Masqurin's Diary
Dear Diary, One
Oops!  I peeked through the window because they never let me in on these meetings!  It's like they're all in some cool club that Grace and me can't be a part of!  Oh, that should be "Grace and I."  She'd get mad if she read that.  Oh well.  I wonder if Dantares will get in trouble?
Dear Diary, Two
I got flowers from the messenger!  I don't know WHY he had flowers, but that doesn't matter, I got them.  Oh I think I'll give it to Dantares.  Grace says for sure that he'll be mad!  
I tried to give Dantares the flowers, buuut he didn't want them!  So, I gave them to Lord Synbios, since he's sweet.  We were told we can go around town! It's gonna be fun!
Dear Diary, Three
Oh, by Elbesem!  We met the dreamy young prince, Prince Medion!  It was exciting!  He was "suave," as Grace says.  He was very nice to us as well.  I would have given some flowers to him, but Lord Synbios was holding them kind of tightly...
Dear Diary, Four
We were attacked when we tried to head back to base!  Dantares and Grace called them, "Masked Monkeys" I think.  They didn't look much like monkeys to me though.  
Oh dear, I accidentally sent a flame spell towards where Dantares was
standing!  I thought he was one of the Monkeys--but things got a little confusing!  Hee hee, I hope he doesn't think badly of it.
Dear Diary, Five
On our way back to base, we saw someone who looked like King Benetram with some Masked Monkeys taking the Emperor.  Dantares and Grace said it couldn't be King Benetram.  I think Lord Synbios said something about Tybalt.  But it can't be King Benetram because he had weird eyes, and besides, why would he be with Masked Monkeys?  
Dear Diary, Six
King Benetram was safe at base.  Actually, I think he was asleep and just woke up, hee hee.  We decided to go look around some more, and try to find the Emperor Domaric.  I don't think it was such a good idea, I mean, since he's captured, that means he's gone right?  Dantares has been complaining alot lately.  I wonder if it's a centaur thing.  We got to see the cute white pigeons again on our way out.  They're very cute!
Dear Diary, Seven
We FOUND the copy-cat Benetram!  So it actually WAS a copy-cat, and not the real one.  The Monkeys had some magic and *killed* some people.  There were two others, and we went to help!
Dear Diary, Eight
When we got to the blue-haired one, he's the one that owns the pigeons, he said he would go back and get help.  So that was good!  And the other one, the green-haired one, he stayed with us to fight.  I think he was looking for something too.
Dear Diary, Nine
Uh oh!  We're being chased!  It looks like maybe Garosh gave the wrong message.  The Masked Monkeys are ahead of us, but we can catch them!  Yeah! I'm going to tell Dantares to hurry up, he's slowing down a little.

Hayward's Weed Notes
Weed #1
I'm so great!  Instead of paper, I'll scratch out words on weeds!  There are
plenty of them around here.  Not much room on them though.
Weed #2
Now I need to find a place to put these.  Oh well.  Tomorrow, we're going to
be gaurding the Docks again.  It's kind of weird that we haven't seen any of
the important people that are st
Weed #3
(ran out of room) I want to see some of the important people that are staying
here!  It would be cool.
Weed #4
Ya know, I don't like my boss.  He's so lazy.  
Weed #5
It's so boring being a guard.  I want some action!  
Weed #6
I hear some people smoke somethin' called Weed.  Ha, what a coincidence!
Weed #7
Well, I hope no one reads these.  Word might get out.  Or something.
Weed #8
Holy sh--!  There're some weird people here!  They just killed the guards!  
I'm pumped for action now!
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