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Sadame no Hoshi - By Galm

Disclaimer: THIS FIC CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS FOR SCENARIO 2! You have been warned. Also, none of these characters are mine. They (and Shining Force III) belong to Camelot Software and SEGA, so please don't sue me, okay? The song "Sadame no Hoshi" is (c) the Fushigi Yuugi people, I guess - but this particular translation of it is mine, so please do not use it without permission. Translation theft is bad, don't do it! Steal it and I'll hunt you down. *fangy smirk* This is a deathfic, and as such it's a bit violent. I give it a PG-13 for blood, nuthin' more. It's from Tybalt's POV as he is dying at the end of scenario 2.

Shine, stars of destiny
My consciousness is now fading
Hopes are far away, dreams are futile
Now, extinguish it with a single breath

Mistakes always seem to have a way of coming back to haunt you. Admittedly, I thought what I was doing was in the best interests of the Republic. Power was never my objective... all I wanted to do was save the people of Aspinia from this foolish war and the impending famine. Destonia has the resources that Aspinia lacks; if we were to rejoin the Empire, they would once again share their overabundant harvests with us. We would lose our status as an independent nation, yes, but the people would not starve. As the king, you are sheltered for the most part from the harsh realities of peasant life; you have not watched your people- the people whom you have sworn to look after and protect- dying, begging you for help that is beyond your power to give. Please understand that I would do anything for my people, the people of Barrand, just as you would the people of Aspia. Prince Arrawnt promised that Barrand would never go hungry if I helped him re-annex Aspinia and assume the throne of Destonia, and stupid fool that I was, I believed that his offer would be the solution we were looking for. I thought I had nothing left to lose... I was stupid. Stupid and desperate.

Then it will all be over
Then everything can be thrown away
The blaming myself
The grief for my country
Even the days made painful
By regret...

I'm dying. I suppose I should be frightened, worried at the very least, but I'm not. Not in the slightest. Instead, all I feel now is relief- relief that my role in this perverse war is over and that I can finally rest. As long as I am alive, there can never be peace between the Republic and the Empire. I made a terrible mistake in allying with Prince Arrawnt, but it was an honest one. I just didn't want more people to die... if we continue to resist Emperor Domaric, this war will destroy us all. Aspinia and its people are dying, and it's all because of me and Barrand. The knowledge that I have betrayed my own country hurts me far more deeply than my numerous wounds, each heartbeat that empties more crimson lifeblood from my body jeeringly echoes "traitor." You reap what you sow, and I am paying for my arrogance. I have been forever branded a traitor to my own beloved Republic... truly that is a fate worse than death. Even if I was to be forgiven by my people, I would never be able to face them again, nor forgive myself for what I've done. I am no longer fit to be a leader- I knowingly forfeited all rights to my position the moment I shook hands with Arrawnt. Neither could I seek refuge in the Empire with a clear conscience. I would be an outcast for the remainder of my life, unwelcome wherever I went, forever shackled to a wrong decision I made in a moment of despair. But now... now my mistakes can die along with me, and Benetram can start over. Death is a small price to pay for the survival of one's country, really. Edmund, Fafhard, Conrad, and even my own General Varlant gave their lives for the sake of the country, and I suppose it is only fitting that I do the same, traitor though I am. My life, the life of a coward who betrayed his country, in exchange for the lives of hundreds of innocent people. It isn't much, but it's all I have left to give...

Shine, stars of destiny
In this sky that is now growing dark

My vision is blurring, but I can still make out the form of the young Imperial prince- Medion, I think it was, but my thoughts are now as fuzzy as my vision- standing beside me with a worried look on his face. He's talking to me now, telling me that a healer will be here soon and that I should hold on and try not to talk. I think I managed a weak smile; obviously he's not aware that I don't have the strength to speak even if I wanted to. His voice sounds far away, like he's under water, and I wonder dispassionately why he even cares about what becomes of me. After all, just moments ago I would not have hesitated to kill him, and I imagine that feeling was mutual. I almost wish he would just kill me now and get it over with so I could finally rest. Screw the whole romantic ideal of going out in a blaze of glory; there's nothing glamorous about dying. For one, it takes too damned long. On the whole, though, it's a good deal less unpleasant than I had expected. No pain, but a lot of blood. I guess I'll feel the pain later. I don't mind feeling the pain later... a wry chuckle escapes my lips as I realize that there won't BE a later for me.
This inability to speak is really beginning to vex me. Were I able to, I'd tell Medion not to waste his time on me- you don't have to be a healer to recognize that I am beyond help now. He's trying to sound optimistic, but his face betrays him: he knows what the outcome will be. Why does he care about me...? I'm nothing but an obstacle to him, just as I am to everyone else...
The splash of a water droplet on my face interrupts my train of thought. Is it raining now? The sky is getting rather dark... then I realize that it is not the sky that is darkening, but my own vision, and that the water droplet was no raindrop. A teardrop. Medion is crying, crying for me... but why? To my surprise, I find that my own eyes are filled with tears as well. I didn't think anyone would cry over my death, certainly not an Imperial. Again I curse the sudden numbness of my body that has left me unable to speak. Don't be upset, Medion; it isn't your fault. I have chosen this fate of my own free will, in the hope of erasing my past mistakes. Please understand...
The apologies tumble from his mouth, and for once the usually eloquent and composed young prince is at a loss for words. No, it is I who should be apologizing to you, Prince Medion. I note that not once does he mention the pain that I have caused him, so as not to make my final moments distressing by causing me guilt. So compassionate... if only he were the Emperor, perhaps... perhaps there could be peace...

Shine, stars of destiny
My only concern is the grief
Of the people I care about
Please tell them what is in my heart

Benetram - friend - please forgive me. I know you'll be crushed to hear the news of my death, but please try to understand that it is for the best. This is the only way I can atone for the mistakes I have made. Benetram... you were always so much stronger, so much more dedicated than I... I should have had more faith in you. Synbios, too. I wish I could apologize to him for those things I said back in Saraband... that seems so very long ago, before everything was so complicated. Conrad may be gone, but I am certain that Synbios is more than capable of guiding the Republic down the right path. Look after him, Benetram, and Palsis too. He and Medion are the future of this country, and a bright one at that. Elbesem, do not let the prejudices of others ruin their friendship... if their budding friendship is destroyed, so too is any hope of ever achieving peace between the Empire and the Republic.
I wish I could see everyone one last time to say goodbye, but I know in my heart that it is better this way. You shouldn't have to see me as I am now. Instead, I want you to remember the old Tybalt, your friend, aide and confidante... the me that died when I turned my back on my country. That part of me will be forever with you, watching over you... it is the least I can do for you. You who has done so much for me, and whom I have never repaid...
That is a one-time farewell

And then we will meet again for eternity
I will be there,
Always within the memories of
Having lived together...

Already I feel my spirit relinquishing its grip on my mortal shell, and I know that it is only a matter of minutes before I go to join Conrad and the others. They are waiting for me; I can see their glowing forms hovering a few feet away, ready to greet me. But to forgive me? No, that is too much to ask even of them, my former friends. A sudden flash of a familiar fiery-orange mane catches my eye. Varlant... how long have you been there? Are... are you forgiving me for everything I put you through? A sudden sharp pain squeezes at my heart, and I can no longer hold back the tears that have been threatening to fall. I don't deserve your forgiveness... I'm nothing but a failure! I've failed my people, my friends- everyone! Why... aren't you angry with me? Aren't I condemned to the depths of Hell for my treason? Unable to say a word, I merely wait expectantly for the angry outburst that I know will follow. How I have shamed them, the Republic, myself... but the expressions on the faces of my departed comrades hold nothing but forgiveness and joy over being reunited. I am bathed in a sudden warmth not unlike that of a healing spell, but so much more potent; it has no effect on my battered body, but heals the wounds on my heart until the pain is replaced by a sense of overwhelming peace. I am glad to shed my mortal prison, and with it all the bitterness and self-doubt that had tormented my mind for so long. I am no longer crippled with regret and second thoughts, for I instinctively know that everything will be all right in the end. And as I stride foward to join my waiting friends, my heart is suddenly filled with brilliant light... like an eternally shining star.

Shine, stars of destiny
Release this body to heaven

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