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Shining Force III Walkthrough - Scenario 2 -

KnightPaladinscenario 3
Initial Stats
Initial Equipment
Bronze LanceMedical Herb
Equippable Weapons
Lance, Halberd, Spear
Magic Resistance
BP = Before Promotion|AP= After Promotion
Friendship Support - Succumb

Campbell - Tactics

General Tactics

Campbell is the force's resident centaur and acts as the force's strongest and fastest character at the start of the game. Campbell has the highest movement value of the force (along with Hazuki, Donhort and Arthur) so it's often tempting to charge him off ahead of the others for a bit of carnage. However, don't let Campbell get isolated so that he's surrounded by enemies with no one to help him. Once you pick up some of the other fast characters then Campbell can move ahead with them to attack smaller concentrations of enemies.

Magic and Magic Resistance

Campbell doesn't learn any magic unfortunately and his magic resistance isn't especially brilliant. Protect Campbell from fire and dark magic as they are his weakest spots.

Weapons and Equipment

Lances are Campbell's default weapon, however, the halberds are much more useful. Focus mainly on training Campbell with halberds and spears so that he can make long-ranged attacks and powerful, close-range attacks. Equip Campbell with the Ark Halberd and use its Spark 3 abilites, and give him 1 or 2 extra just in case they break.