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Shining Force III Walkthrough - Scenario 2 -

SoldierSwordsmanscenario 3

Magic learning chart:
Soldier Class
Level 1 - Return Lv1
Swordsman Class
Level 2 - Spark Lv1
Level 8 - Spark Lv2
Level 14 - Spark Lv3
Level 20 - Spark Lv4
Apostle of Light class (scenario 3 only)
Level 2 - Inferno Lv1
Level 8 - Inferno Lv2
Initial Stats
Initial Equipment
Light RapierMedical Herb
Equippable Weapons
Knife, Sword, Rapier, Blade
Magic Resistance
BP = Before Promotion|AP= After Promotion
Friendship Support - Attack

Medion - Tactics

General Tactics

Medion is the leader of the force in scenario 2 and is one of the strongest characters. Medion's strength is apparent all the way through the game and he often hogs all the action, so be sure to hold him back sometimes and let the other characters get some experience. If Medion dies though, you lose the battle and return to the last church. Therefore, make sure Medion is protected at all times and don't take any unnecessary risks with him. Keep Medion away from lance, halberd and spear wielding enemies as these weapons are all strong against Medion's weapons.

Magic and Magic Resistance

Until Medion is promoted, the only magic he possesses is the return spell which is handy if you want to get out of a sticky situation. Once Medion is promoted to swordsman, he learns the Spark spell all the way up to level 4. Spark is a very powerful spell and is most useful at level 3 where it hits a large area for hefty amounts of damage. You can power up Medion's magic even further by developing friendships with Syntesis and Hazuki (and Hedoba, if you decide to use her). Spark levels 2 and 3, fittingly, are also very handy if you want to build friendship levels because they hit a large area of enemies, which gives more opportunities for characters to co-operate in killing enemies.

Medion's magic resistance is pretty poor, but after he's been promoted it is increased and gives him fair resistance in most elements if not spectacular.

Weapons and Equipment

Rapiers are Medion's best choice of weapon in scenario 2 as, like with swords in scenario 1, the best rapiers are available in scenario 2 (and scenario 3, of course). To supplement the rapier, train Medion with knives as well so that he can launch long-range physical attacks as well. In my opinion, the best rapier available in scenario 2 is the Final Rapier. As well as increasing critical and agility, it also regenerates magic points (2 per turn) as well as giving the special 'Das Ende'. The God Rapier is handy as it increases light and dark magic resistance but the addition of the Thanatos spell isn't especially useful as it costs far too much MP (of which Medion doesn't have enough) to be useful, stick to Spark 3 for magic attacks.

Earlier in the game, equip Medion with accessories that will raise his defence as his death will mean defeat for the whole force. The Life Ring and Protect Ring are good defensive accessories and can both be attained early in the game. By the end of the game though Medion should be able to defend himself more than competently so kit him out with the Mars Chain to boost his attack and critical values as well as luck.