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Shining Force III Walkthrough - Scenario 2 -

MagicianWizardscenario 3

Magic learning chart:
Magician Class
Level 1 - Blaze Lv1
Level 4 - Blaze Lv2
Level 8 - Soul Steal Lv1
Level 10 - Spark Lv1
Level 15 - Blaze Lv3
Wizard Class
Level 4 - Blaze Lv3
Level 7 - Spark Lv2
Level 10 - Soul Steal Lv2
Level 13 - Spark Lv3
Level 16 - Blaze Lv4
Level 22 - Spark Lv4
High Wizard class (scenario 3 only)
Level 2 - Spark Lv4
Initial Stats
Initial Equipment
Timber RodMedical Herb
Equippable Weapons
Rod, Wand, Ankh
Magic Resistance
BP = Before Promotion|AP= After Promotion
Friendship Support - Magic

Syntesis - Tactics

General Tactics

Syntesis is a magician and typically has low defense and a poor attack value, but strong magical powers. Keep Syntesis protected by your other characters and don't let the enemy gang up on her. Develop friendships with characters like Rock and Robby who will give her defence support so that she can survive harder attacks. Make sure you use all her MP in a battle as magic attacks generally give more experience than physical attacks.

Magic and Magic Resistance

Syntesis' magic is 100% offensive. Blaze serves well as a low cost attack spell while Spark and Soul Steal are more expensive but can do more damage. Blaze is useful for attacking multiple enemies early in the game but Spark takes over as the spell of choice for area attacks later on. Use Spark 3 for attacking more than 2 enemies and use Blaze 4 when attacking a single character. Soul Steal is potentially Syntesis' most powerful spell as it can kill instantly, however at level 1 it isn't particularly useful since it only targets a single enemy. At level 2, Soul Steal is deadly if targetted against multiple enemies (so long as they don't have super high luck values) as chances are at least 1 of them will be killed instantly. Since Soul Steal is more effective against enemies with low luck values, and when Syntesis has a higher luck value herself, judge your targets wisely on their luck statistic.

Weapons and Equipment