Shining Force III Scenario 3 Translation - Chapter 1

Section 1) Aboard the Flagship ~ Translated by Lineage

Captain Domino :
Who could have predicted such a delicate Prince Medion could have become
so dependable?

Kate :
There wouldn't have been a room for growth for the prince if the Emperor
Abduction fiasco hadn't happened in Saraband, right?

Bresby :
He also met with Lord Synbios, who is at the same age as the Prince, and told me
he is greatly influenced by Lord Synbios' courage to face his harsh destiny.

Domino :
Synbios? You mean, Lord Conrad's?

Bresby :
Yes. The one that used to be a finest general in the Empire and the one ultimately
responsible for the independence of the Republic 20 years ago, the one that should be hated... he is Conrad, the most powerful figure in the Republic.

Kate :
Hated? Sir Bresby, The only people that hate him are Imperial officials. Other
than them, no one speaks ill of him.

Domino :
Just as you say, Kate. Lord Conrad has thrown away all his privileges to
abandon prejudiced society and to make a nation of equality.

Donhort :
However, the Republic has reached its limit. Its citizens, who are used to the country's food being shared, began to strain the Republic's economy.

Kate :
How... did that happen? Is it because of the bad harvest caused by the
bad weather that caused the economic crisis and civil war?

Donhort :
That's one reason. However, the primary reason for the civil war is...
caused between the government officials who decided to hoard the food
after predicting the future disaster and the citizens who wanted to
enjoy the present.

Bresby :
I understand how both sides feel, however, I didn't predict that one discontent
general would have rebelled against the Republic.

(If Edmund joined the force)

Kate : You must be talking about General Edmund. He plotted
the murder of Republican King Benetram by siding with General
Garzel, right?

Bresby : It was General Crewart's plan. I have heard General
Edmund originally had very strong loyalty. I guess he was
tricked for a moment.

Domino : That's Crewart alright. He called my Flagship a pile
of trash...I won't forget that humiliation.

(If Edmund did not join the force)

Kate : You must be talking about the general who aided General
Garzel's plan to trap and murder Republican King Benetram.

Bresby : If such a loyal General as Edmund could have grown a seed
of discontent within his heart, I can only guess he must have
been tricked by a cunning trickery.

Domino : It must have been a trap made by Crewart and his associates.
After all, he treated my Flagship as a pile of trash. He
certainly is a stupid general who can't see the true substance.

Donhort :
It is said we can find out about the general by checking out his
subordinates. It looks like the true intent of the commander of
General Crewart and the others is revealed.

Domino :
It's Prince Arrawnt, isn't it? He certainly is a overambitious person.

Bresby :
General Crewart, who made a pact with the Buzome Sect is very likely
to be involved in the abduction of the Emperor... however, there is
nothing we can do at the present time.

Donhort :
Bah, it's still the same ol' Empire. Ever since the old days, even the
criminals can get away with bribery. Even at present, the Republic is
still better fared against the Empire.

Domino :
Excuse me, Donhort! I think you are coming here to pick a fight against
the Imperials, not helping them!

Kate :
Ah, speaking of Prince Medion, what is his relationship with that person..
Lord Synbios?

Donhort :
Prince Medion can't be measured by the Imperial standard. I heard he
is in a deep friendship with Synbios after fighting a couple of battles

Domino :
Is that true, Bresby?

Bresby :
It seems they've fought a few battles together and now, they share a
friendship with which they can understand each other... what is wrong with
that, Captain?

Domino :
It should not happen, Bresby...

Bresby :
What? What should not happen?

Domino :
The ideology of the Republic is incompatible with the Imperial one.
We can't even count the number of people killed by approaching
the Republic.

Bresby :
Their killers must be the Rainbloods. That murdering organization is
getting rid of everyone who seeks peace...even Prince Medion?

Kate :
We shouldn't really think about that. Rainblood is a direct army
of the Emperor. They can't really do anything until the Emperor
is rescued...

Donhort :
No, the Rainbloods are still active... Actually, we are coming
from having just fought against them in Elbesem.

Bresby :
Is that...true, Donhort?!

Domino :
That can't happen...absolutely not...

Donhort :
Are you saying I am lying? Well then, ask either Julian or

Bresby :
I don't think the captain said that because he thinks you are a liar.
Donhort, if what you are saying is true, that means... they are being
directed by the Emperor at the present time. That also means, Emperor
Domaric is still reigning supreme in this world.

Gracia :
It sounds like a serious discussion.

Donhort :
Did we wake you up... from your deep sleep...?

Gracia :
I felt confined by staying inside the ship. I just wanted to have
some fresh sea air so I have been watching the sea from the window.

Kate :
Speaking of it, Sir Gracia... is born in Elbesem Island. You must have
been watching the sea from the beginning.

Gracia :
I was born in my father's late years. Even my mother had fallen ill,
never to recover even before I was able to recognize myself, so I barely
felt the parental love. The monk who remained followed my father's last words, and has given me a harsh training ever since I was young. Since then, the sea was only thing that was able to comfort me.

Kate :
I can understand...Sir Gracia. You have spent a sad childhood. I could never bear that myself.

Gracia :
Yes, I have thought the same, and cursed my destiny. However, after
hearing Julian's life story, I have decided to think otherwise.

Donhort :
It's a story in a far away nation called Enrich, where he lost his father
by a vandal.

Gracia :
After he lost his father, who was a mercenary, he continued on
his journey with his father's friend, who decided to be Julian's
stepfather. Eventually, even his stepfather fell victim to the

Bresby :
Vandals...who only appear in ancient tales...
When I heard that he is seeking a revenge against one,
to tell you honestly, I doubted his sanity.

Gracia :
That can't be helped, Sir Bresby. Many have thought vandals
as a fabrication and denied to believe their existance.

Domino :
Your words bear great importance. Actually, even the existance
of the Innovators...oh pardon me.. is no longer felt among us.

Gracia :
No, that's a good thing, Captain. Even Innovators, which I am,
have been disappearing from this world. The Bulzome Sect, who seek
to revive the Thousand Year Kingdom, and the revival of the
vandal, Bulzome... it seems this event is rather a...!

Donhort :
What's wrong, Sir Gracia...?

Gracia :
I don't know... I don't know... but... I think I can feel a
murderous intent getting near us.

Bresby :
A murderous intent is getting near... what kind of?

Gracia :
It's strong..and very evil... just like the Bulzome Sect...

Domino :
Were they planning to ambush the Flagship because it sailed to seek assistance to rescue Destonia?

Kate :
It was an abrupt sail, so we couldn't have enough soldiers
aboard. What should we do, Sir Bresby?

Bresby :
Well, we did receive a few from Prince Medion. Along with
Julian Battalion and you Kate... Moreover, Captain, you!

Domino :
Me...? What about me?

Donhort :
Are you going to stand like that all day?

Domino :
What... are you saying I'm more of a bother? How rude. You
seem to underestimate a seaman greatly. Even though I look like
this, when I was young...!

Gracia :
Captain, hurry to the cabin... they are almost here!

Kate :
No, Julian... we have to call the leader!

Julian :

(When Edmund joined you)

Edmund :
Don't forget about me!

Bresby :
General Edmund!

Gracia :
Watch out... they are... coming!

Masked Monk :
So, this is the Imperial ship Flagship which escaped from the
Bulzome invasion?

Pegasus Masked Monk :
Stupid. If you had kept running away, you wouldn't have
lost your lives! Destonia's inferior position won't reverse
with such a pitiful force.

Masked Monk :
Heheh, you don't have to go to Destonia. We will defeat you

Bresby :
They are the ones who invaded Destonia! If we let them go
alive, our existance will be revealed! Let's defeat them no
matter what, Julian!

(After the battle)

Masked Monk :
Guh... I didn't know the escaped Flagship had returned to Destonia
with an Innovator, Gracia. An Innovator carrying the Staff of
Besem...Walcuray's...biggest threat...

Bresby :
Then, I've been asked to escort Sir Gracia to fight against

Masked Monk :
How funny, that the Empire would request help from Gracia, whom
the Emperor is seeking the life of... gah, I'll tell you for last.
Gracia, the Empire which you intended to save will take away
your life... and the Staff of Besem...

Kate :
It's a lie! It's trickery! What if something happened to the
abducted Emperor?

Bresby :
It seems the Bulzome Sect has created such a lie because they are
worried of our assistance. Otherwise, we...

Donhort :
Is that so, Sir Bresby? What about the Rainbloods, then? I can't
think that anything else other than the Emperor plotted it.

(Domino) :
How was the...battle?

Domino :
Oh, it seems we are triumphant. Obviously, you people are
truly strong. What's wrong? You don't seem to have faces for
the victors.

Bresby :
The Bulzome Sect... even though we've won for now, they've died
along with giving us a dilemma. The masked monk said the Emperor
is seeking Sir Gracia's life and the Staff of Besem.

Donhort :
If this is true, Julian battalion saving Destonia is like
saving the enemy.

Domino :
Huh, but if it's Emperor Domaric... isn't he abducted at the
present state?

Kate :
However, the Rainbloods are active. The Emperor must have been
commanding them from somewhere... It can't be helped even if he
receives the suspicion.

Gracia :
What do you think, Julian... Do you think we should stop
saving the Empire as the Bulzome Monk has said?


Gracia : Yes, I too am aware of the Emperor's intention.
To think that the Rainbloods, who only follow the Emperor's
orders, attempted to take away my life...

Kate : How...even without the evidence... are you going
to abandon Destonia which is being invaded by the
Bulzome Sect, Sir Gracia?!

Gracia : However, I can't turn down the request to save
the Empire either. You... it is your dire wish to fight
against the vandal too, right, Julian?

Julian :


Gracia : I agree, Julian. Even though we have the
suspicion that the Emperor plots against me, there is
no way to prove it yet.

Kate : Then, continuing along, can we receive an
assistance rescuing the Empire?

Gracia : The purpose of my departure from Elbesem... is
to fight against the vandal who seek to revive the
Thousand Years Kingdom. It's your fight too, Julian.

Julian :

Gracia :
Well then, it's decided, Sir Bresby. Let's team up and overcome
Bulzome to reach the Imperial capital Destonia!

Donhort :
If it's Julian and Sir Gracia's wish, I don't have any say

Bresby :
Then... are we still going on to save Destonia?

Domino :
Now, we will reach Destonia shortly. Please rest in the
passenger room until the arrival.