Shining Force III Scenario 3 Translation - Chapter 1

Section 4) The Terrible Walcuray ~ Translated by Lineage

(If you helped the soldiers in the refinery)

(Soldier) : We can't see the flying weapon, hurry, hurry!

Soldier 1 : I can't see the flying weapon anymore... was the
castle taken over by them already?

Soldier 2 : If that is so... Wouldn't it be useless to go to
the castle?

Soldier 3 : Don't even think about that. If the castle is safe,
then General Steel will execute us.

Bresby :
I guess at least Walcuray is around on this hill. If so, it would be
impossible to go through the hill quickly, right, Julian?

Voice :
...There is a way. Look around you very carefully. Use the obstacles to your

Julian :

Voice :
It's not important who I am, mercenary. What I mean is, look in front
of the hill. Walcuray is above, and it's using the rays to attack the
enemies. Use the rocks in front of you to cover yourselves against
the rays.

Gracia :
It seems the owner of the voice is... assisting us. I guess we should
progress by following the voice's advice.

Bresby :
Well, then as an advisor, there is nothing for me to suggest... However,
it's just as Sir Gracia has said. Heed that advice and use the rocks
to progress cautiously!

(After battle)

Donhort :
Is it over... or not. How could the Walcuray be intact?

Kate :
I thought the Walcuray is controlled by sending the thoughts through
a staff. Does such a staff really exist?

Gracia :
It's true. Exactly as from Cyclops' information, the High Priest of
Bulzome must possess the staff. The force we've just defeated
are mere a defence army.

Voice :
...and the main force of Bulzome has finally broken through the
castle walls. Hurry. They want to take over the castle effortlessly
and they are demanding the authorities to surrender.

Bresby :
That voice... I think that girl must be speaking to us from the direction
of the castle!

Voice :
You can see me by getting through. For that reason alone, hurry...!

Bresby :
Damn that Sect. Even though the castle walls are broken through, I
don't think the castle gate will be broken that easily... Let's hurry
to the inner section of the castle walls, Julian.