Shining Force III Scenario 3 Translation - Chapter 2: Betrayal of Mageron

Section 6 - [The Fortress on the Border] ~ Translated by Lineage

Gracia :
That's strange. The Barrier Fortress must have prepared to battle us...but I don't
see any imperials?

Bresby :
Don't be tricked, Sir Gracia. This must be General Defenda's trap... He must be
waiting for us to drop our guard.

"Huhuh. Thanks to the appearance of that warrior, our efforts to prepare
have been foiled..."

Bresby :
Huh, that voice is... General Defenda!

Defenda :
Since Bresby is your guys did not fall for our trap, huh?

Bresby :
General Defenda. I guess you want to fight us... The braveries of the Julian
battalion and Sir Gracia...Haven't you even heard of them?

Defenda :
For saving the Capital of Destonia, I would pay you respect in stead of the
Emperor. But...this is another matter...

Bresby :
Even a man like you is afraid of the Emperor?

Defenda :
Speak no more of it...Bresby... I know of the end met by people who defied
the Emperor's will...I can't risk harm to my family. Leave Sir Gracia and
the Staff of Besem...Then you may pass the border safely. If you refuse, then
too bad...but there will be only death!

Gracia :
I have to go to the north... To Remotest Shrine far
away, I have something to do that must be done...

Defenda :
For a person who is religious to Elbesem, my present action
is regretful...However, I can't yield either! If that is
your response towards me...then we will show you ours! Julian Battalion has denied our request. We
will therefore will carry out the Emperor's wish and take
away the Staff of Besem by force. If anyone resists, return
the favor by bringing them death!

Bresby :
This is a battle in which we are outnumbered, Julian. To gain control
of the cannons so that we can disturb the
enemy is an important step. Cooperate with Donhort to
capture the cannons, and destroy the castle gate on the
Fortress, then we will sight victory. I leave it up to
you, Julian!

Defenda :
Damn. Our army is struggling against such a small group of opponents.
If this is the case, I will deal with it with my own hand...
The Julian Battalion certainly is strong. I guess I was
underestimating them. I will put the end to this fight myself. Come, Julian battalion!

(After the battle)

Defenda :
Ugh... This is my defeat, Bresby... I'm leaving the Empire...

Bresby :
It's regretful, General Defenda... It wasn't our
interest to defeat a splendid general like you...

Defenda :
This is the nation where an allegience towards the Emperor
is prioritized over the perils of Empire and the world. You
have nothing to be regretful over...

Donhort :
General Defenda, did you... allow our victory?

Defenda :
Nonsense... who would want to die? I fought my best. Now,
my family can be protected...

Bresby :
Then you are...

Defenda :
Bresby. That...journey to Remotest...I wish you luck. Guh...

Bresby :
General Defenda... It certainly is a great loss.

Donhort :
General Defenda...There was still a splendid General among
those Imperial generals.

Bresby :
General Defenda, your will... We won't end this in vain!
We have finally crossed the border, Julian. Ahead,
we will be seeing a continental harbor. We should regain
the time lost by fighting.

Chapter Summary
"Since Mageron feared his own fault of letting the Empire be
invaded, he used the pursuit of Child god, Gracia, and the
Besem Staff as an excuse to cover his ineptitude. For that,
he sent an Imperial army after the Julian battalion.

Julain battalion was assisted by the leader of the Resistance,
Scholar to escape. From Ohora hole to the Dragon Graveyard,
they have gone through many harsh ordeals to reach the border.

They succeeded in storming the Barrier Fortress, formerly known to
be invincible, and reluctantly defeated the General Defenda, who
loved his country. They are hurrying towards Aspia along the
Continental shore..."

Chapter 2 : Margeron of Betrayal