Chapter 3: Ashore Aspinia

Section 1) The Town of Guarder ~ Translated by Lineage

Bresby :
That' Imperial Fleet...

Donhort :
They have chased us even here. They certainly are persistent...!

Kate :
They've got ahead of us by coming via the sea with a fleet. They can
even ambush us from the continental harbor. This is bad...

Bresby :
My, what should we do...If we continue our path to the north,
a fight is unavoidable, isn't it?

Gracia :
I'm dying to go on ahead quickly...but I do want to avoid a
demand to fight either. Should we flee this place for now, Julian?


Bresby :
Julian, I'm disappointed. You are not only a
fighting specialist, but you should also investigate
the situation as a leader.

Mageron :
Wait, Julian battalion! I'm surprised with you, Julian army.
You have reached the continental harbor, getting through an
Imperial besiegement and the Barrier Fortress.


Bresby :
Even if we turn our path, the chase will continue.
If we are destined to fight, are you thinking we should
settle the account right now?

Mageron :
Wait, Julian battalion! I'm surprised with you, Julian army.
You have reached continental harbor by getting through an
Imperial besiegement and the Barrier Fortress.

Steel :
However you did it, after receiving the assistance from the
Resistance force, you must have survived through dugouts
like rats in the sewer to barely escape.

Donhort :
Don't forget you wouldn't be here if it wasn't for our rescue.

Kate :
What Sir Donhort is saying is true. This is a neutral area,
outside of the Empire. Please leave us alone.

Steel :
This territory certainly doesn't belong to either country.
However, that only holds true as long as the balance is
kept between the Republic and the Empire.

Bresby :
You are still ignoring the matter, General Steel. Are you
saying such a balance has been destroyed?

Mageron :
A letter from my father has arrived, Bresby. My father had been
abducted by Governor General Garvin of Saraband!

Steel :
And with Prince Arrawnt's assistance. Why
did he side with Governer General Garvin to betray the
Empire? It is pathetic.

Mageron :
Arrawnt...Trying to gain the position of Emperor, he dug his
own grave. What an idiot!

Donhort :
General Rogan said that on the ship...The general's guess
was true. Medion's army must have saved the

Mageron :
Certainly, Medion has rescued Father...Father is marching
to Aspia with Medion as we speak...

Julian :

Mageron :
Even I, Mageron can't believe Medion has decided to
head towards Aspia to conquer along with the Emperor...

Steel :
However, Prince Medion is only human...If he can get
the Republic by conquest, it's only natural he would
defeat his own friend.

Mageron :
The traitor of the Emperor, Conrad's son... I heard he
is a friend of Medion's. It would be interesting to watch
those two fight.

Bresby :
...Prince Mageron. I don't think you've come here to
tell us that. Or are you still intending to.. Sir Gracia...

Mageron :
To tell you the truth, the Emperor has requested a
gift to present to Medion for conquering Aspia. I'd like
you to carry the gift with you...

Steel :
This is also the request of Prince Medion...that you
would take it.

Donhort :
Nonsense. The invasion of the Republic...whyever should we
help you by doing a favor...?

Honesty :
Please don't refuse! Long time no see, Julian... I have
heard of your bravery in the Empire.

(When Isabella has already joined the force.)

Bresby :
You are Honesty, from General Rogan... why are you here
again...and the person behind you...Madam Melinda!

(When Isabella did not join the force yet)

Bresby :
...Honesty from the Rogan army and Princess Isabella again,
why...moreover, the one behind you...Madam Melinda!

Isabella :
Since my aunt is departing for Aspia, I have to stay
together with her like this...

Gracia :
Lady Melinda. The second wife of the Emperor...Isn't she
Medion's biological mother?

Bresby :
I guess the gift you wanted us to must be
talking about this lady?

Melinda :
It's only natural you are surprised. Even I didn't know
I'd end up...

Honesty :
I beg you, Julian. Please gladly accept the role of
escorting Madam Melinda to Prince Medion...

Melinda :
Ever since that child discovered I was getting exhausted
of palace life, he wanted to free me from there. But,
I didn't know he would assist an invasion...

Kate :
Madam Melinda is very good woman...Even though Prince
Medion is leading an invasion force, as long as Madam
Melinda can go there, certainly he will...

Steel :
You are expecting too much...Do you think the
Emperor would let that happen?

Donhort :
Where do you think you are going...?

Steel :
Our task is over now...We are worried about Destonia in
the absence of the Emperor, so we are making haste
to return...

Kate :
How could.. You are leaving Madam Melinda here without
even hearing Julian's answer?

Mageron :
Lady Melinda is Medion's hope, and father has allowed her
to go to Aspia. That must mean she is no longer needed
by him.

Steel :
The Julian battalion escorting Madam Melinda is the
Emperor's request, so it must be excuted. However, we
won't be hold responsible for whatever happens thereafter.

Mageron :
Whether you agree or not, it's up to you...Do it whatever
you like.

Steel :
Gracia, you are lucky this time we meet,
I will catch you for sure!

Donhort :
Hmm...what a terrible people...No wonder why we have
to call the Empire ruled by them as the worst nation.

Melinda :
It's fine as of now.

Bresby :
"It's fine as of now"... what...does that mean?

Honesty :
She means she would have been more troubled if she wasn't
freed like this, Sir Bresby.

Melinda :
This story, we couldn't have told Mageron and his associates...
To tell you the truth, there is actually something going

Honesty :
Madam Melinda, to tell this story...this place is very
dangerous for that...what if someone hears...?

Melinda :
Oh, right. What if anyone hears...Now, this is a long
story, so in the village...we will continue our
discussion in the headquarters, shall we?


Bresby :
What...then the Emperor's letter is a fake, written by
General Rogan... and Prince Mageron fell for it?

Donhort :
The handwriting of the Emperor is regarded as very important
in Imperial administration...If the Prince has watched his
father's handwriting many times, wouldn't he have seen
through the ruse?

Bresby :
No, it's possible if General Rogan wrote it. That man has
admired the Emperor ever since he was a young man. He has been
imitating everything the Emperor does.

Honesty :
When I received the letter from the Emperor, I felt
something fearful from him, so I showed the letter to the
General, trapped inside the Executor.

Gracia :
The ship was on the verge of sinking. The content of the
Emperor's letter must have been more fearful than the
general's own fear of sinking into the sea.

Isabella :
To be forging father's commandment...if that is discovered,
the punishment is death for sure. What was the revised
content, risking such danger?

Honesty :
It's better not to know...but the general said, if this
letter gets to Prince Mageron with its original content,
Prince Medion's freedom will be taken away!

Melinda :
The general must have thought it's safer for me to go
to Medion than staying in the castle. Something big
must be going on...

Bridget :
But even though we are supposed to escort her to
Prince Medion, we don't know where Prince Medion is.

Honesty :
Prince Medion is marching towards Aspia along with
Emperor Domaric.

Donhort :
Prince Medion is going to Aspia... the story we've
heard before was true after all!

Honesty :
Prince Medion did not want an invasion. But since they
did not have access to any ships, they had to go
to Aspia through Headland area.

Bresby :
General Rogan is with the Prince, Donhort. So he
can be a great help to the Prince.

(If Synbios has obtained the key in Scenario1)

Melinda :
That's impossible, Sir Bresby...The general is in
Domaric's army and the Emperor's advisor, Sir Fiderit is keeping
a close eye on him.

(If Synbios did not obtain the key in Scenario1)

Honesty :
That's impossible, Sir Bresby...The general went down
with the ship.

Melinda :
Ah, how horrible. To think the respected General Rogan
has fallen victim to such evil!

Isabella :
I wonder how the general must have felt when he fell into the Bulzome
Sect's trap...

Gracia :
We have to hurry to Aspia...Let's go, Julian!

Bresby :
Why so suddenly, Sir Gracia?

Gracia :
After hearing your story, I think I know the
content of the Emperor's letter, and the Emperor's
true intention.

Isabella :
Sir Gracia, you say you saw through my father's intentions.
...but I don't see any yet. Would you care to explain...?

Gracia :
After rescuing the Emperor, Prince Medion had to head
to Aspia since Garvin took away the ship.

Honesty :
During the battle in Governer General's office in the
Floating City, Saraband, Garvin and Prince Arrawnt were
pinned, so they ran away with the Seagate.

Gracia :
The Emperor surely would like to reclaim the Republican
territories he lost back in the War of Independence. If
he is heading towards Aspia...

Melinda :
He certainly can't afford to miss such chance...ah!

Donhort :
I still don't understand...If Prince Medion has no
intention of invading, then there is nothing Emperor
Domaric alone can do.

Isabella :
Brother Medion is weak against father. Since father's
love towards my brother was little, he has always worked hard
trying to get father's recognition.

Gracia :
I believe Prince Medion was torn between loyalty
towards the Emperor, and his friendship with Lord
Synbios...and the Emperor must have seen through that.

Bresby :
Of course, now I see...The purpose of the letter is to
hasten Prince Medion to make a decision between the
two. If the Prince values the Emperor and Lord Synbios
equally, the letter can elevate the Emperor's position.
and that's Madam Melinda's mission, right?

Donhort :
Then, if Prince Medion refuses to march into Aspia,
the life of Madam Melinda...he was trying to use her
as a threat...?

Kate :
Such a story...I can't believe it... To take
Madam Melinda's life, who is the Emperor's REAL wife,
also the one trusted by the Emperor's REAL son?

Melinda :
No. If it's him, then he will do it...To get everything
under his rule...!

Donhort :
The Emperor must be threatening Prince Medion now that
he believes his letter has sent through...He must be
rushing Prince Medion for the Aspia invasion.

Bresby :
Julian. Let's hurry and prepare for the journey. Before
Prince Medion invades Aspia, we must get to Aspia!

Honesty :
Well then, Madam Melinda...has been permitted to be
escorted to Aspia! My appointed task from General Rogan
is now over. However, that also means the beginning of
another task. The beginning of this war is...
all because of the Bulzome cult's plot. If we let
their existance stay, more tragedies will occur!
Please, allow I,Honesty into your army. I take an oath.
I will defeat Bulzome and bring peace into this land
once again.

(When Isabella hasn't joined the force yet.)

Isabella :
I...can no longer return to Destonia. To escort Madam
Aunt Melinda into Aspia safely, please make use of
my power...

Bresby :
Since we are embarking on a dangerous march, Princess
Isabella's ability is hard to get. The Princess should
be able to help us greatly.

Isabella :
I hate this war, and Bulzome. Please don't take me to
Aspia only. Allow me to go to...the northern land.

Donhort :
Well, the women of today must be stronger. The
women in Julian battalion...are as brave as the male
soldiers, Julian.

Bresby :
Now, prepare for the march, Julian. We have to cross
the continental shore by today!