Chapter 3: Ashore Aspinia

Section 2 - [Ambush] ~ Translated by Lineage

Masked Monk :
Huhuhu. Did you think we would let you people, escorting
the holy child Gracia to pass through here safely?

Kate :
You are...a masked monk of Bulzome!

Masked Monk :
Since High Priest Goriate lost in Destonia, we had lost
the track of your direction...but we certainly knew
you would go through the continental shore.

Donhort :
They are incredibly persistent...We've defeated them
so many times, and now we will have to be your match again.

Maksed Monk :
I had been preparing an ambush for you. You thought
I would wait alone...? Look at your opponents!

Isabella :
They are...Republican soldiers!

Melinda :
Why are they helping those devils... the Bulzome Sect?

Masked Monk :
Did you see...Julian Battalion...We will defeat Gracia!

Gracia :
The Bulzome Sect seem to not want to let me pass...

Melinda :
If we don't go to Aspia, Medion will fight with the
Republicans, and then it will be too late...

Bresby :
You know it, Julian...We have to get to Aspia. For that,
we must be triumphant!

(After the battle)

Masked Monk :
We are defeated here. but don't feel safe now. You
have not truly secured your victory unless you cross
the bridge in the gate ahead! The gate will be impassable
to you...I will be awaiting you in the otherworld!

Donhort :
The Bulzome Monk has said something strange...The bridge
in the gate is impassable...

Bresby :
It's over, isn't it? This battle must have been meant to
delay us. The Bridge Gate was made in the
Ancient times. Although I'm not sure about it's
mechanism, there seems to be a device to raise it up
and down! I believe the switch is in the Great Lighthouse.
We will take the lighthouse over.

Gracia :
I understand. Then the Great Lighthouse...We will have to
take it over, right...?

Bresby :
I'm not sure whether it will be that easy. Anyways,
let's hurry over to see.