Chapter 3: Ashore Aspinia

Section 7 - Father and Son ~ Translated by Lineage

Brutus :
What? Even Governer Garvin...?!

Yasha :
He fell into Medion battalion's hands...and met his final moment in
the Ancient Tank.

Brutus :
Why are you here if both of your commanders, Prince Arrawnt and
Governor Garvin, are defeated?

Yasha :
The Emperor and Medion battalion are marching towards Aspia which has been
taken back by Synbios battalion...Their spirit and morale are just as
strong as the Republican army. I have come here to receive Madam Melinda
from Prince Mageron who will be coming here with his army.

Brutus :
Mageron army? That's strange...From what I know, Madam Melinda is
being accompanied by Julian battalion and are continuing their way

Yasha :
What? Madam Melinda is with Julian battalion...what's going on here?

Masked Monk :
Sir...Are you really Sir Yasha...?

Yasha :
Of course I am! Are you making a fool out of me...?

Masked Monk :
How's it...Lord Kudan...Is he really Sir Yasha?

Brutus :
Yes. This truly is Yasha's smell...but he's not making any sense, is he...?

Yasha :
Kudan...if my ears aren't mistaken, are not Lord Brutus...?

Masked Monk :
Huh? How could Sir Yasha not know Lord Kudan...? If Lord Kudan's nose
is not mistaken, there must be two Yashas?

Brutus :
Who are you? With what purpose...have you appeared in front of me?
You, fake Yasha.

Yasha :
I'm not a fake, Lord Brutus. No, I guess I should say Lord Kudan...
There are...multiple Yasha...

Masked Monk :
Same smell and same name, yet there are multiple Yasha...? Is that what
you mean?

Yasha :
We Yasha form the Trinity...And each assigned with missions
from the master and carries them out.

Brutus :
Who is the master you are talking about...?

Yasha :
We only serve one master, Emperor Domaric...

Brutus :
Yasha, you must have known about the abduction plan in
Saraband...beforehand, mustn't you?

Masked Monk :
Then, does that mean Emperor Domaric has been abducted by us, while actually being
aware of our plan...?

Yasha :
Now, It's my turn to seek the answers...What do you mean by Lord
Brutus being Lord Kudan?

Masked Monk :
Kudan is said to appear when the end is near...He is a demon
that brings announcement of the world's destruction.

Yasha :
What...a demon appearing near the end of the world...then Lord Brutus

Brutus :
I am the demon that is implanted in Brutus' body, all thanks to Lord
Bulzome's negative power. Behold!

Yasha :
Bastard...We had not been able to contact each other because we
couldn't keep in touch with each other for some time, but I didn't know
such an incident was going on...

Harold :
I knew it...! Out of my father, that monster...

Yasha :
That woman over doubt...Madam Melinda!

Masked Monk :
Madam Melinda. Madam Melinda, isn't it...It seems you are so desperately
demanding her. If you need Madam Melinda that much, I guess
we can give you a hand. How about it, Lord Kudan...?

Kudan :
The Emperor, even though he was aware of the Bulzome's plan, did
not reject us and let us carry out our plan. I guess we can talk things

Gracia :
I think they are cooperating capture Madam Melinda.

Yasha :
To reclaim Aspinian territory, Madam Melinda is needed...I'm sure the
Emperor would be willing to talk out things with you.

Masked Monk :
It's settled, Lord Kudan...We will lend a hand to the battle to
acquire Madam Melinda!

Donhort :
Just as I thought...To capture Aspia, they are planning to use
Madam Melinda as an instrument to threat the Prince.

Gracia :
We have to hurry onward, but...Kudan...I wonder what kind of enemy he is?

Bresby :
Watch the enemies' movements, Julian. There are the Yasha army and
Kudan army...and they are attacking us from a northern direction!

(Kudan is defeated)

Kudan :
Lord Bulzome must have given invincible body. I can't die
at this damage. Ridiculous...the power is leaving me...Is it...Am I
dying...Right, it's because of Gracia and Staff of Besem's power...
that weakened the Negative power...That staff must be taken away
from must be...Lord Bulzome...power...give your power
to me, Kudan.

(Yasha is defeated)

Yasha :
Ugh, I can't believe this is happening to I, Yasha...I've fallen
to someone other than the spy...? Yasha #1 is fallen in the battle
held on the castle wall...Now, I, Yasha #2, who is directly
employed by Emperor Domaric, will be losing my life. Then, there will
be only one remaining Yasha. Before I die, I must go to Emperor tell him about Madam Melinda...and allow him to make a
backup plan!

(After the battle)

Harold :
Father... that monster...

Kate :
Bulzome is much more fearsome than I've imagined. He can even exert such
terrible power inside a person...

Gracia :
That's why we have to defeat him. That's the purpose of our expedition...

Bresby :
Oh right. About Yasha...Julian, we can't just leave him alone, can we?


Even if you say that about Yasha, how?


Even if you say that, Julian...Something must be up with Prince Medion.
You can't clap with just one hand, can you...?

Honesty :
Leave it up to me, Sir Bresby!

Bresby :
That's right, we have you, Honesty! Chase Yasha from the air. You may
even catch up to him!

Honesty :
This matters to General Rogan. I believe I'm involved as well. I'd like to
put an end to this.

Donhort :
Julian, will you allow head over to Aspia? It's because Honesty
is an imperial... In this crucial moment of Aspia, just one person would
not be sufficient. Other than the person to convince the imperials, I, a Republican,
can run to Aspia and will resolve the conflict. I beg you. Will you
allow me to go to Aspia...?


Bresby :
With Donhort's legs, the march over Aspia by him alone will be incredibly fast. He could
certainly buy us some more time. I agree too. It would be good to let him go!


Bresby :
If you are worried about Donhort being alone, you don't have to. Donhort can clearly
hold his own. I agree with Donhort. It would be good to let him go!

Isabella :
Sir Donhort, please...take me with you as well! For both Father and brother Medion
in stop those two from commiting such horrible act, someone must go there
first and stop them, right? If I go, Father will certainly give in, because he is always
kind to me. Even if he does not give in...

Bresby :
While we are escorting Madam Melinda...she can buy us some more time. Alright...Princess
Isabella may go as well. Now, Julian, let us hurry as well. Aspia is just over there.
Let's reach there at once!

(Chapter Summary)

Thanks to General Rogan's quick thinking, the Julian battalion, escorting Madam Melinda, battled
through the Republican border front.
They have finally reached Baersol and head once again
to Aspia as their destination.

On their way, the Baersol Lord, Brutus, turned
himself into Kudan and attacked with Yasha, but
Julian battalion defeated them as well and finally
reached Aspia.

It was a hair trigger situation between Synbios and
Medion battalion. Thanks to Julian and his friends, they
succeed in averting the war, and thus marked the end of
the war between the Empire and the
Republic throughout the continent.

Chapter 3 : Disembarkation at Aspinia