Chapter 4: Shining Force, To the North

Section 4 - Aural Village ~ Translated by Aspartate

inside the cave of Aulal Villege
O: You are finally here, the legendary Shining Force. Along with the descendent of Innovator.
B: We are here, Oneanera.
O: You know who I am? Who are you?
B: Benetram of Aspinia.
O: Aah. So it's you... Descendent of the "Navigator" , Benetram? I heard much about you from Murasame. But it's the first time we meet in person!
D: Murasame... Isn't he the ninja that belonged to the Republic... So one of his jobs is to contact with Oneanara?
O: Murasame was with the Shining Force that came earlier. They already headed toward Remotest. What's taking you so long?
B: The search for Jumesin. But that puzzle is solved. So we started heading north too.
O: The Jumesin puzzle is solved? What is the answer to the puzzle?
B: The three commanders necessary for that battle... Julian, Medion, and Sinbios. It's their initials put together that makes "Jumesin".
O: So that's what it meant. It corresponds to the legend. Next problem is the Innovator's power...
G: I'm the descendent of Innovator, Grasia. What do you mean by making my powers bloom? And how to investigate it?
Oneanera draws a magic circle on the ground.
O: Grasia, please step inside. This would tell if you are a true Innovator.
Grasia hesitates.
O: There's nothing to be afraid of. Please step inside.
Grasia steps inside the circle. The blue stone floating above the water starts to glow.
I: It must be Grasia-sama's power that enhanced the power in the rock that causes the supernatural phenomenon.
K: So marvelous... I never knew Grasia-sama has such great powers!
Grasia is pushed out of the circle. Circle shrinks and vanishes.
G: What happened, Benetram? Am I not an Innovator?
O: I am sorry. Looks like you are not.
G: *sweatdrop* I... I always thought I am an Innovator. That's why I have to defeat Vandals. How could it be that I am not an Innovator?
O: Please don't give up so soon, Grasia. You are the "Bearer of Spirit". That's what the result of the test just showed.
G: ?
B: "Spirit" is the source of superhuman powers given to the chosen ones.
G: So, if I have that "Spirit"...
O: It's the evidence of qualifying as an Innovator. Please head for the Ark Hill to receive "Evolution".
G: "Evolution"... It means development. Is it a ceremony for my development?
O: You are very bright, Grasia.
G: Benetram, did you already know about these things? Is this the reason why you joined this dangerous voyage?
B: I'm the "Navigator", Grasia. It's my obligation to join.
J: ......
B: I'll tell you about my ancestry someday. What's most impotent now is, we must head for Ark Hill.
O: Benetram, you know about the Ark Hill?
B: It's where the Creator sent the Spirits. Where the civilization of this continent started. North-northwest from here, isn't it?
O: You deserved to be called the "Navigator" Benetram. Walk along the ancient road, go west at the first road fork. You will find Maya, the village that guards the Ark Hill. Find this place and they'll guide you to the hill where the Holy Ark landed.
J: ......
B: I have the duty and obligation to show you and lead you into the right path.
G: Benetram, right now at this place, it's the first time I learn about you ancestry and relationship to this voyage...
O: Please leave everything to Benetram. He will lead your way.
B: All right. It's time to leave, Julian. To make Grasia an Innovator, we must head for the Ark Hill!