Chapter 5: Legacy of the Creator

Section 4 - The Second Test ~ Translated by Aspartate

Donhert: So this is inside the ruin...
Isabella: It's so dark... I can't see a thing. But from the echoes, it sounds like we are in a spacious hall.
Kate: What do we do now? Should we go inside?
Purimura: It's dangerous to stumble into a cave. Let me go investigate first.
A strange voice: Hold it.
Door slams shut.
Donhert: Oh no! We're trapped!
Voice: You're not trapped. The second test has begun!
Benetram: Are you the Great Shinto Priest of Ark Hill?
Great Shinto Priest: Yes. I'm the Great Shinto Priest.
Grasia: Can you make my powers bloom, and make me an Innovator?
Great Shinto Priest: I do have the power to turn the "Bearer of Spirit", like you, into an Innovator. But it depends on how well you can do.
Benetram: All we need to do is pass the test, right? What is the second test, and what should we do?
Great Shinto Priest: Looks like you are ready. All right. Let's begin!
Great Shinto Priest: The qualified one for becoming an Innovator, Grasia, step forward into the middle of the shrine.
Grasia steps forward alone but Julian stopped him.
Great Shinto Priest: Everyone except Grasia, stay where you are! Grasia, please come to the middle!
Grasia nods at Julian. Julian hesitates then steps back to where he was.
Great Shinto Priest: Grasia, please enter the circle in the middle.
Grasia hesitates.
Great Shinto Priest: Grasia, step in please!
Grasia steps inside the circle.
Great Shinto Priest: This is not only a test on your ability, but also on your supporters' abilities as well.
The four mud dolls appear.
Great Shinto Priest: These mud dolls will move around you, and you must use yourselves to alter the direction they move, eventually gather them around Grasia.
Great Shinto Priest: These mud dolls move at a certain speed. Where they stop is where the crisis begins.
Great Shinto Priest: Now, the second, also the last test before the Evolution. Julian's Force, you may begin.
Grasia: Julian... please do your best. I have confidence in all of you!
Benetram: This second test... What in the world... does "Where they stop is where the crisis begin" mean?
Julian: ......
Benetram: You're right, Julian. There is no way to run from this now. Let's do it, Julian. We must let Grasia become an Innovator!