Chapter 5: Legacy of the Creator

Section 7 - Another Vandal ~ Translated by Aspartate

Donhert: The snow sure decreased a lot after we leave the mountains. Right, Julian?
Isabella: From the look of this, we'll be back on the Ancient Roads in no time. Then head north and reach Remotest...
Kate: What's the matter, Benetram-sama? Isn't it a good thing we are approaching the Ancient Roads?
Benetram: I can't get the thoughts about Bulzome's Shrine out of my head. The nearer we are to Remotest, the more I worry about how we can climb up to Bulzome's Shrine.
The whole place darkens. A voice comes out of nowhere.
voice: I can teach you that, Julian's Battalion.
Julian: !
Julian steps forward and starts to look around.
Kate: What's the matter, Julian? Why do you look so anxious?
Grasia: ?
Benetram: Grasia... It's Galm!
Grasia: Galm, the one who Julian is seeking revenge on? Why is Galm of the Vandals here at this place?
Benetram: Last time we also met in a sudden. Why appear in front of us at this moment?
Donhert: Before I met Julian, he challenged Galm and fell into the river. Galm is Julian's target, that's why we know about this guy.
Kate: If that's the case, he came for Julian?
Galm appears in blue light. The whole place brightens up again.
Julian: ......!
Julian rushes toward Galm.
Benetram: Julian! Don't!
Galm: Why stop him, Benetram? If he wants to challenge me, I can let him do that anytime. To me, I don't mind at all.
Julian rushes toward Galm again.
Grasia: Please wait, Julian!
Julian hesitates, steps back, nods at Grasia. Grasia steps forward.
Grasia: Have you showed yourself in front of us to fight with Julian? Or have you come for something else?
Benetram: You just said you know the way to enter Bulzome's Shrine... and you can teach us... Do you know? And you can teach us?
Galm: I can teach you that, but...
Benetram: Is it Julian? Because he views you as a target... so you want his life?
Grasia: Don't speak nonsense... No matter what kind of information we need, that's no reason to turn Julian to him!
Galm: All of you! Come all at once if you like. Defeat me and I will teach you the way to enter Bulzome's shrine!
Grasia and Julian looks at each other.
Galm: Hu hu hu... How's that, Grasia of the Innovators? Don't you want to know the way to climb up to Bulzome's shrine? But, I'm going to set a limit!
Galm: Grasia, that Staff of Besem of yours... Using that thing is forbidden in this battle.
Galm reaches his left hand out from under his cape, points to the valley.
Galm: Are you willing to discard the Staff of Besem?
Grasia turns to Julian.
Grasia: If I discard the Staff of Besem here... is it still possible for us to defeat Galm? What should I do, Julian?
Choose yes ->
Benetram: Discarding the Staff of Besem won't bring victory. Must we accept this challenge under such disadvantage... and put our whole battalion under the risk of total destruction?
Choose no ->
Benetram: Discarding the Staff of Besem in the battle with a Vandal has the meaning of begetting destruction of our whole battalion. It makes perfect sense to not say "yes" easily.
Galm: So you refuse then? What a pity, Benetram. If that's the way you want it, I'm leaving.
Galm turns and leaves.
Grasia: Please wait, Galm...!
Grasia runs toward Galm, throws the Staff of Besem far away.
Grasia: There, Galm. I threw away the staff. So now you won't leave?
Galm turns around, facing Julian's battalion.
Galm: Now you want to obey my rule, Grasia. Then I'll also fight fair and square. Defeat me and I'll keep my words...
Galm disappears. Reappear further away.
Galm: But... can you defeat me? If you don't even have the ability to doso, this place shall be your grave!

After the battle

Galm: Well... well done. Julian's battalion.
Grasia: As you promised, Galm, please tell us how to reach Bulzome's Shrine on the cliff.
Galm: I'll tell you... as I promised...
Galm: Have you found Jumesin?
Julian: ......
Galm: Right. That's you, Sinbios, and Prince Medion.
Benetram: Hmm. Could it be... the key to Bulzome's Shrine is held in Jumesin's hands?
Galm: The two towers at the left and right of Bulzome's Shrine... hold keys to Bulzome's Shrine.
Grasia: So the importance of Jumesin is... The answer to the riddle is three battalions must attack altogether?
Galm: That's why three powerful battalions are needed. Two battalions without the Innovator attack from left and right, to open the passage to Bulzome's Shrine after taking over the towers.
Benetram: Then the battalion with Innovator make a surprise attack into Bulzome's Shrine...
Kate: Wait... What if we don't separate the battalions and attack one by one...
Galm: The passage to Bulzome's Shrine doesn't last long... If you don't go immediately after it's opened, it'll close quickly.
Grasia: After that... we can defeat Bulzome... and seal him with our own hands...
Galm: Not enough...
Izabella: Only us isn't enough to seal him... Is that what you mean, Galm?
Donhert: But... isn't it enough to open the passage, fight Bulzome, and defeat him?
Galm: Even if you can take away his powers, you can't elimate his existence...
Benetram: Then... What should we do to...
Galm disappeared while everyone is distracted.
Benetram: Where are you going, Galm? I'm not finished with my questions yet!
Galm: I have kept my words...
Grasia: But only like this... It's...
Galm: Hu hu hu... Your existence, Grasia... By that time... It's time to put on your show...
Grasia: My show? But I... What should I do? Galm!