Chapter 6: Metropolis At the End of North World

Section 2 - Bloody Queen ~ Translated by Aspartate

Leaving Dormant Villege. (The hot spring villege.)
Isabella: Sinbios' battalion left before us but haven't arrive Dormant yet. Something must have happened to them.
Kate: Could it be Rainblood? There are still four of them other than the two we defeated. They must have attacked Sinbios' battalion.
voice 1: What! You defeated Rainblood!
voice 2: Rook, you idiot. You just have to tell Julian's battalion we're hiding here, don't you?
Benetram: Rook... Then you are the Rainblood?
Julian: ......
Queen: Of course. We are the Rainblood!
Rook: Bishop and Pawn went after you then lost contact. We were becoming concerned. Who could have thought it's because you have defeated them!
Queen: So you really defeated Bishop and Pawn. Where have you been after that? It took us so much time to track you down.
Donhert: The Ark hill, through Mt. Bowlet, then arrived here at Dormant.
Rook: That means we've been tricked. Well, we do have preparation for battle in case Bishop fails.
Queen: King is tracing up the river looking for you. You picked a good time to show up.
Rook: You are looking for Sinbios' battalion, right? We had this trap planned to surprise you with.
Grasia: You said Sinbios' battalion... So they really were defeated by the Rainblood?
Queen: It's a little different from "defeated". Captured. To be exact.
Rook: Sinbios is not dead, but he IS in critical condition. His battalion is worried about him, too.
Benetram: What do you mean by "Sinbios is in critical condition"? And his battalion is worried about him?
Rook: Nevertheless, now that I know they defeated Bishop and Pawn, I cannot leave them to the hands of those people. Let me grant our companion's last wishes.
Queen: Rook, you... you want to disobey King's orders, and seek revenge on your own?
Rook: Come on, Queen... Let me do this for an exercise before Medion's battalion arrives. And avenge Bishop's and Pawn's death!
Rook crosses the bridge, Queen follows him.
Queen: You are neglecting orders. First, you told our enemy our location. Second, you started a battle without permission...
Rook: He can punish me all he likes for my neglecting orders later. I just cannot let them live!
Benetram: Sinbios must be inside that cave. We have to defeat the powerful threat Rainblood first. Hurry! Julian!

During battle.
Queen: Because of Rook's straightforwardness, we are tangled in an unexpected battle...
Rook: Julian's battalion can defeat Bishop. They are tougher than we expected.
Queen: A battle started when King is not here... Looks like the Rainblood has ran out of luck. But I can't leave Rook like this. Oh well... Count me in.
Rook: I don't know how to show my gratitude, Queen... Julian's battalion is too powerful. To tell the truth, I'm surprised. But with your help, there's nothing to be afraid of. Come on, Julian's battalion. We'll show you the horror of the Rainblood!

After battle.
Queen: Queen of Rainblood...defeated by this motley army... by the Julian battalion that appeared unexpectedly while King is not here. Looks like Lady Luck is smiling on you?
Kate: Where is the captured Sinbios' battalion? Inside the cave, right? Queen?
Queen: Now wouldn't it be nice to let Sinbios' battalion revenge for the four of us?
Isabella: Revenge for Rainblood? You said Sinbios' battalion, right? What do you mean?
Queen: If you want to know what I mean, enter the cave and you will understand. Sinbios' battalion will give you a very warm welcome.
Queen dies.
Grasia: Sinbios' battalion will revenge for the Rainblood... But why?
Benetram: Must have something to do with Sinbios' crisis.
Grasia: Could be... Then Sinbios is in danger!
Benetram: Looks like we don't have the leisure to discuss here. We must save Sinbios! There must be a trap inside, but we have no choice. Let's go Julian. Save Sinbios from danger.