Chapter 6: Metropolis At the End of North World

Section 3 - Ninja's Law ~ Translated by Aspartate

Kate: It's so dark in the cave... I can't see a thing!

Isabella: Sir Sinbios should be in there. Should we go in and check?

A candle deep inside the cave lits up

Yasha: Feeling uneasy from not able to see? We could use a little fire.

Donhert: Yasha... the three... You are the last Yasha?

Yasha: Correct. You have defeated two of us. I'm the only one left. The last Yasha.

Benetram: Sinbios... Where is Sinbios, who is siad to be in critical condition?

Yasha appears beside the ice with Sinbios sealed inside

Benetram: Sinbios! What have you done to him?!

Yasha: So surprised already? THere's more to come.

More candles light up, showing Masqurin, Dantares, and Grace.

Donhert: You... you are...

Grace: Please forgive us, Lord Benetram. We fell into Rainblood's trap and Lord Sinbios was captured.

Masqurin: They came on an Empire ship. We thought it's Prince Medion that came to our aid. And they took us by surprise!

Dantares: Please hand over Julian and Grasia-sama... to save Lord Sinbios!

Benetram: What are you talking about, Dantares? You can't be serious!

Grace: Since you came into this cave we have to do as asked. It's for saving Lord Sinbios' life.

Masqurin: Please give us those two... We don't want to fight you!

Grasia: Wait... There must be some other way to save Lord Sinbios without battling us!

Dantares: Enough said! We will save Sinbios... even by force!

Kate: Sinbios' battalion... They are serious!

Isabella: Yes. Sinbios is indeed in critical condition.

Benetram: Get Yasha, Julian...

Benetram: Sinbios' battalion is only fighting to save Sinbios' life. They have no other choice. Yasha is behind all this...

Grasia: That's it. If we defeat Yasha, we can save Sir Sinbios as well!

Benetram: The target is Yasha. As for Sinbios' battalion that stands in our way, try to avoid them.

Halfway in battle field, without defeating Sinbios' battalion
Yasha: Looks like your goal is fighting without defeating Sinbios' battalion, Julian's battalion. Trying to save Sinbios while minimize as much damage as possible, and only defeating me, right? If you defeat me, what will become of Sinbios? Huhuhu... That's certainly something least imaginable. Anyway, are you able to defeat me? I won't run and I won't hide. Just go ahead and try!

Halfway in battle field, defeating a lotta people in Sinbios' battalion
Yasha:Trying to finish the battle as soon as possible, even if it means eliminating Sinbios' battalion that's in your way? How foolish, Julian's battalion. If you defeat me, what will become of Sinbios? Huhuhu... That's certainly something least imaginable. Anyway, are you able to defeat me? I won't run and I won't hide. Just go ahead and try!

When defeating Sinbios' battalion

Dantares: How could I be defeated... Julian's battaion is certainly strong. I failed to keep my words to Yasha in exchange for Lord Sinbios' life. How regretful...

Masqurin: Julian's battalion is too powerful. My magic is no use against them. Looks like I need to enhance my Magic skill more.

Grace: Because of Rainblood and Yasha, we had to fight against our allies. Please forgive us, Lord Benetram.

Hayward: Why... Why is Julain's battalion so powerful? My attack is no use against them. Our battalion is very powerful already... What is the secret behind Julian's battalion's powers?

Oblight: Even if I'm defeated, I won't hate you. I fight for Lord Sinbios' life, you fight for our destiny.

Irene: I don'y know why I have a feeling sensai is near here somewhere. Sensai is the kind of person that even fights over food with me when he's hungry. What greedy one. But I really wish to see him once last time before I die...

Eldar: When Medion's battalion attacks Aspia, our second battalion had to fight them. Now we have to fight Julian's... Fighting against allies again and again, could it be Sinbios' battalion is cursed?

Noon: My ice magic is powerful against Bluzome Sect and Empire armies. How could I be defeated here by Julian's battalion? Could it be... The power of ice magic is decreased in cold climate?

Justin: We must defeat Julian's battalion to save Sinbios. We fought under this faith. Even when defeated, I still believe this battle is justice.

Pen: (squeak... squeak...)

Manupil: I modified working robot into the best fighting machine... How come it's still no match for Julian's batttalion?

Frank: Grrrr... Julian's battalion... Full of strange creatures. If I can't exert my full powers, I'll lose. (not sure about this one... Landius?)

Hagane: Defeated by Julian's battaion... That means my ninja skill in nowhere near the top. I'll give you an advice. Don't underestimate Yasha. As a ninja, he has numerous excellent ninja skills.

Murasame: I already knew Sinbios' battalion will lose. You went through Maya and reached Ark Hill, right? So Julian's battalion should be the most powerful battalion...

Kate: We defeated... Yasha and Sinbios's battalion...?
Isabella: Come... Let's hurry and save Sinbios out of that place!
Yasha: I've lost... Julian's battalion.
Donhert: What? Yasha still has the strength to stand up? He shouldn't be... What terrifying strength!
Yasha: We Yasha, in hope of becoming the strongest ninja, continued training even after living the ninja village and becoming rouge ninjas. But our end... is a defeat like this... Because of our admire toward Rodi, we three brothers learned the Art of Trinity... now there's nothing left.
Julian: ......
Grasia: Julian, if by any chance... You know this ninja named Rodi? (yes/no option)
Julian: ......
Yasha: That's right, born in Far East Village, Rodi became a rouge ninja after some incident. He is a mighty one, defeated each and every assassin who's sent after him. We receive training to defeat him until the age he left the village. Then we also left to kill him. But he is so strong that's beyond our imagination. We were totally defeated.
Yasha: But we have gained a lot. We learned that how wide this world is. And how meaningless it is to live according to ninja's laws. With our excellent ninja skills, it's not impossible to own a country. Therefore... we decided to become rouge ninjas.
Yasha: The Art of Trinity is the most secret of all secret principles. The price we paid for assassinating the Lord of Far East and took off with the secret scroll, is endless annoying assassins from the ninja village. We are not Rodi. So in the end we had to serve the Emperor and Empire. That's why we couldn't own a country.
Benetram: I heard about ninja's laws being absolutely unbreakable. You must have suffered a lot...
Yasha: I don't need your sympathy. I am dying. But I'm not dying alone. Sinbios is going with me.
Grasia: Going with you... but he is still alive isn't he?
Yasha: Ask someone you can trust to confirm the situation Sinbios is in...
The small cave at the side opens. Yasha dies.
Fyndding : The cave is opened! What's going on?
Palsis: Lord Benetram and Julian's battalion... I... see. You came to look for us?
Kahn: G... Grasia... It's been such a long time since we last met.
Grasia: True. It's been long, Kahn.
Fyndding : Yasha... Yasha's not here. Could it be... He's defeated?
Kate: Yasha... You are worried about Yasha? It's true then, Sir Sinbios' life is...
Palsis: So Yasha is already defeated... How could this happen...
Benetram: Is what he said true? That he holds Sinbios' life in his hand?
Kahn: Yasha used his secret skill to seal Lord Sinbios in this ice spring. Only this secret skill can get him out.
Fyndding : Look at the situation of him and you will understand. He is losing heat and breath. But melting the ice with extreme heat will kill him as well.
Palsis: That's why we didn't attack Yasha. We need him to get Sinbios out. Now... There is no way to save him.
Jane: There is a way!
Jane appears
Julian: ......
Donhert: Jane... You are... Why are you here?
Isabella: Jane... What you just said... Is there really a way to save him?
Benetram: Jane... Who are you anyway... Why do you want to help Sinbios?
Jane: But... If we help him with this way, that person will be immersed in water with negative force.
Julian: .....
Jane: Don't worry, Julian. I understand. I will save that person. But it takes both the Innovator's power and mine combined together to save Sir Sinbios.
Grasia: Your power and mine? What should I do, Jane?
Jane: I will melt the ice with low temperature. Then you cast Blessing on the water with negative force immediately. The timing must be exactly right.
Grasia: Although I don't quite understand why. But I'll do it to save Sir Sinbios.
Jane starts to use her power. The ice starts to melt and leave Sinbios floating above the water.
Jane: Now! Bless the water!
Grasia cast Blessing on the water. After a short while Jane seems to be in pain.
Jane: Do... Don't... stop...
After the color of ligh surrounding Sinbios faded, Honesty and Fyndding come forward and pick up Sinbios.
Jane: Hur... Hurry... Take him to Dormant's hot spring!
Julian: ......
Jane: No. Every time I meet you, this kind of thing happens.
Grasia: Are you all right, Jane? Looks like you are suffering...
Jane: Don't worry. I'm... all right. I must go back now, Julian.
Julian: ......
Jane: I will come to see you again... As soon as my body gets better...
Jane disappears.
Benetram: Jane... Incredible girl...
Palsis: The strange thing about her is, how could anyone suffer from the warm light released from Grasia's staff?
Grasia: I don't know either. But she's been helping us along the way.
Kahn: Grasia's... While I'm not by your side, have you acquired power that's beyond my knowledge?
Grasia: I obtained true Innovator's power through Evolution Ceremony at Ark Hill.
Palsis: True... Innovator's power... ?
Benetram: It's a long story, Palsis. But right now I'm worried about Sinbios. We can talk about this later. Let's head for Dormant Village first.