Chapter 6: Metropolis At the End of North World

Section 7 - King of Rainblood ~ Translated by Casenor and Aspartate

(Rainbloods appear)
Knight: Ah, the Julian Army has begun battle with the minions of the Bulzome Cult on the frozen plain...
monk: What the...who are you?
Knight: We are the Rainblood of the Empire.
monk: The name Rainblood...I recall hearing High Priestess Desseheren speak of it once...
King: Oh her? That's one of the warriors we defeated in the Holy Shrine of Elbesem.
monk: So... Since Julian's army is here, are you here to aid them?
Rainblood glance at each other
Knight: It'll be troublesome if you misunderstand us... We've come to defeat the Julian Army.
monk: Defeat... Julian's Army?
King: Defeating Julian's Army is the secret mission the Emperor assigned us.
Knight: Defeating Medion's Army is part of our mission as well. But, as they've fallen into your trap, you've saved us a good deal of work!
monk: Why...the Prince? The Emperor's own son?
King: He disobeyed the Emperor's will. Those who stand in his majesty's way of ruling the world shall not be forgiven... even if it's his blood kin!
monk: Hoho... That's the same as...
Knight: The same as how Bulzome would act. Right, Bulzome monk?
King: We'll lend you a hand in battaling Julian's Army. It's also our goal.
Knight: Hoho. Just as you heard, Julian's Battalion. Attack from any way you like.
King: We will avange for Queen and Bishop... Right here at this place!
Benetram: Muu...we must battle the Rainblood at the same time. Julian, be extra cautious in this skirmish!

Masked Monk falls
monk: Even with the help of the Rainblood, I've fallen in the Julian Army really this powerful? High Priest you were correct. Fighting poison with poison would be the best way to defeat the Julian Army...gurgle! (dies)

Knight falls
Knight: Gu, how is possible that I, the Knight, has been defeated by this Julian Army? It seems that our comrades being defeated is not merely a coincidence. I the Knight of the Rainblood, die here...gurgle (dies)

King falls
King: Gu...Un...unbelievable... The fearsome and invunerable Rainblood defeated in battle? Along with the fall of me, the King of Rainblood, the legend of my Death Squadron comes to an end. How regretful. Gurgle! (dies)

Kate: Although the Rainblood aided the Bulzome Sect and turned this into a difficult battle, we still won!
Donhert: We were not cautious enough because we thought they went down with the ship at the volcano eruption. But they appear all of a sudden. The Rainblood sure is good at strategy.
Isabella: When the Rainblood showed up, the fear deep inside my heart... the fear for my father... is spoken out by them.
Kate: Poor Isabella... assassined by her own father. If it's me, I don't think I can bear this.
Isabella: My brother has disobeyed father's will... No matter what obstacle lies ahead, there's no turning back now. Therefore, my brother is necessary for this expedition. Please save my brother!

(choice option begins)
Yes->Grasia: It goes without saying. We won't be able to defeat Bulzome without
No->Grasia: Although we are here in the headquarter of Bulzome Sect, making it difficult to save Lord Medion, we will not abandon him. Definately not.
(option ends)

Grasia: The masked monk left us confusion words. But we won't turn back even if there's a trap ahead.
Benetram: Remotest is right ahead. Their counterstrike would be harsh above our expectation. But we have to fight for our mission. Let's go, Julian. To save Medion's Army and defeat Bulzome, let's head toward Remotest, city at the northest end...