Chapter 6: Metropolis At the End of North World

Section 8 - The Great Priest's Trap ~ Translated by Aspartate

The Great Priest exploded.
Kate: He's gone... but still... Lord Medion and his army haven't changed a bit.
Donhert: That means... Just like his last words, there's no way to break the spell without negative force.
Isabella: I beg you, Julian. My brother... it's too cruel to leave him like this!
Julian nods, walks toward Medion and starts shaking him.
Benetram: It's useless, Julian. It's a negative spell even Blessing can't break. There's no way we can help them.
Julian shakes his head, and continues to shake Medion.
Jane: Do you really want to save him that much, Julian?
Julian: ......
Jane appears.
Kate: I knew it... It's Jane again.
Isabella: Jane, are you recovered from the wound you bore in dormant cave?
Jane: I'm not fully recovered yet, but it's no big deal. Julian's heart is weeping. This deep sorrowness is calling me. This person's name is Medion, right? This is the one you really wish to rescue?
Julian: ....
Jane: He's a friend that can't be replaced by anything else... I see. I envy you for having a friend like this. Alright, Julian. I'll save Medion and his army.
Grasia: Jane, is it really all right for you to do so? What kind of punishment will you receive if you do this?
Jane: You are... Grasia, right? The Innovator? Thank you for worrying about me. I'll be okay.
Benetram: Jane, after I see your powers, and hear the others say about the things you done for Julian's Army, I'm really concerned. Even if you don't belong in the Bulzome Sect, you should be on the same side with them. Your helping us is equal to betraying them...
Jane: Hmm... That's strange... But, I fell very happy. The environment I grew up in is where power determines everything. Now I feel deeply cared for like this...
Benetram: Jane, are you really going to be all right?
Jane begins use her powers on Medion and others.
Kate: Look! Lord Medion is starting to react to Jane's magic.
Isabella: Brother Medion...
The lightening suddenly stops. Jane steps back.
Donhert: What is it? Lord Medion...
Grasia: How are they doing? Have they regained their consciousness?
Benetram: What's this? Julian... Something draws near. I can feel it.
Walcury appears far away, and starts to draw near.
Julian: ......
Benetram: Walcury... Yes... I'm sure I've heard of this name somewhere.
Jane: Don't worry, Julian. Walcury's target... is me!
Grasia: Walcury's target is you? How could it be? But you just said...
Jane: I... I want to contribute my power to help Julian's Army. If I tell you the truth, you wouldn't let me do this, right?
Benetram: Why did you do such a foolish thing? We have no right to make you lose your life!
Jane: It's better this way. At least I... left an evidence that I have lived in this world...
The light from Walcury surrounds Jane and takes her away.
Jane: Kyaaaa~~~
Julian tries to reach her, Grasia steps in front of him in time.
Grasia: It's useless... Julian! It's impossible to save Jane now!
Medion: What... what was that!
Medion: Could that be Walcury, the floating weapon that attacked Destonia?
Grasia: Aah... Sir Medion is... Are you wakened by Jane's power, Prince? Yes. That's what attacked Destonia. Bulzome Sect's floating weapon, Walcury.
Medion: I made Julian and Lord Grasia... battle against that kind of thing?
Campbell: Lord Grasia, what did you just say? About our weakening...
Sinbios: Amazing! Warcury... Is that the floating weapon everyone is talking about?
Medion: Sinbios... Is that you? Sir Sinbios!
Dantares: Sorry we are a little late, Campbell.
Palsis: Sinbios recovered sooner than we expected, so we hurried here as soon as possible. It seems like you've been through a difficult battle.