Chronicle of Central to East Parmecian Continent
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Ancient Time-beginning of Era of the Super HumansThe first Holy Ark landed at Ark Hill
1000 years ago - Era of VandalsGlorious Era of Vandal was ended by light from the sky. Bulzome was sealed by Expedition from the South.
--About 300 years agoDestonian Kingdom became a powerful Empire--
273-30 years agoEmperor Domaric ascended to the throne--
283120 years agoDue to Domaric's tryranny, people started to rebel.Independence War. Establishment of the Republic-
285518 years agoGarvin's wife was taken back to the Bulzome sect.-Jane's mother became ill from sorrowness in her homeland.
286617 years agoGarvin gave his young daughter to Bulzome.-Jane was taken back to Remotest.
2931110 years ago-Palsis became Consul of Aspinia.Solar eclipse in Enrich Kingdom.
294129 years agoLord of Quonus, Garvin, sent masked monks to steal ancient steam technology from Maya Village.Conrad resigned. Benetram was elected to be the new Representative King.Jane's mother died in Sorrows. People say that a mercenary from the south was taking care of her before she died.
298164 years agoEmperor approved establishment of Saraband.-Garvin established Saraband.
301192 years ago-Abnormal weather led to death.Marki cursed by Bulzome's spell.
302201 year agoArrawnt & Crewart allied with Shiraf and Bulzome Sect.Palsis resigned and took full charge of National Academy of Archeology. Discovered gold in Lookover.Bulzome Sect allied with Shiraf. Volcanoes in Dormant started to activate again.
303211 month agoImperial fleet took over Barrand. General Reliance became Governor of Barrand.Outbreak of Barrand War.Saraband proposed peace conference to Empire and Republic.
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