Nutritious and Fictitious!


- Romance as city crumbles -

Reported by: Anime Blob.
Written by: Ki.

A surprise report flew in today, from a one Anime Blob of the Fosters Forum for Imaginary Friends. She, whilst walking her beloved pet dragon, came across an unlikely couple. It appeared that a platypus was kissing a monkey. What does this mean? Are we destined to be inundated by an army of platypus/monkey hybrids? How CAN platypi kiss with that beak, anyway? The answers to these questions, we may never know, however, Anime Blob did say that they did look rather happy together.

During this same time, however, a darker turn of events was also taking place, as reported by our intrepid reader. The little known army of miniature corn dogs had decided to become a very largely-known and feared one, as they tore down the city in a rage. Buildings toppled, streets churned up like an earthquake had struck, it was a veritable disaster area. When asked WHY they were doing this, one mini corn dog fighter had this to say: "This city... this WORLD! Always eating us... Always with the BBQ sauce! NO MORE I SAY! We are taking this BBQ sauce world down, and we are doing it NOW!"

At this point, he picked up our unfortunate on-site investigator, tied him in a rather fetching double-knot, and had him thrown in the nearest river. Thankfully none of the recording equipment was damaged at this time, and we could get more information. Salem, however, has been consigned to the corner, as he smells of wet fur.

This is a potentially distressing moment for the world, for it seems the mini corn dog army has mistaken it for being made entirely OUT of BBQ sauce. They will stop at nothing to destroy it. We at GC's News urge you all to take shelter in your homes. Barricade your windows, nail shut your catflaps! Do everything you can to protect yourselves from these miniature, yet delicious horrors!

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