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-A stunning discovery!-

Reported by: SiLK.
Written by: Ki

A shocking discovery was made today. A discovery that shook GC's News worse than a 9.95 earthquake. A dicovery that points to our host. Has been keeping a deep, dark secret from us all along?

With the evidence provided, it appears, that despite everything previously stated, GC IS a girl.

As I was sifting through our piles and piles of stories ( cough ), I came across an interesting, white envelope. Upon further examination, it was addressed to myself. Curious as to why someone other than the taxman would write to the technical department, I carefully opened it, and stared at what slid out.

A letter was enclosed, from a one SiLK of The Dream Emporium, and it said the following:
Dear Friend, While I realize that what I have to say may seem shocking, I submit it to you as the honest truth. After reviewing the evidence before me, I can no longer deny the facts. And this leads me to tell you that GC is in fact, a girl. Enclosed, please find some undercover photos taken to prove my case. Itís Undeniable Proof, SiLK

I was stunned at what I read. Could this be true? It was then that I saw the photographic evidence attached to the back of the letter. Words cannot describe what I saw, and it is with great horror that I unveil to the world the truth behind this horrible lie.

Click for an image of GC with a Bow!

So there you have it. Is this proof that GC has been having us on all along? Is he REALLY a girl? Or, perhaps, is this a cover up for something darker still? What could these revelationary photographs mean?

Says SiLK: Undeniable PROOF! I tell you!!

GC, when the evidence was put forward, had this to say: "A blatant fridgery!"

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