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Celestial Damnation
They provide me with my web space, and are doing cooler things besides, therefore, they get top billing. has one of the best collections of funny misused English from Japan( and other countries ). If you're not easilly offended, Check this site out; it's great for a laugh.

Yes, I'm a Neopets-holic; it's no secret. XD
Non-referral link: is your best resource on the web for everything NiGHTS related. Highly reccomended.

One of the biggest art communities on the web. The GC's News crew all have galleries here.
Go check us out: - -

Bunny Survival Tests
An obscure, rather pointless website that amused GC and I when we first stumbled across it in a cyber café a number of years ago. Marshmallow Bunnies put through a series of "survival tests". XD

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