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Shining Force III Walkthrough - Scenario 3 -
Thief Maps

Thief Map #1


1. - Potion
2. - Life Ring

Thief52047242836Steel Sword---85

     Send one of your characters to retrieve the Potion from the treasure chest while the thief grabs the Life Ring. Move Donhort across the sand over the middle of the room (through the pillars) to chase the thief and take the Life Ring from him.

Thief Map #2


1. - Lucky Cookie
2. - Healing Rain

Thief58052303036Steel Sword---85

     To catch up with the thief, send your fastest characters to the middle door of the three doors that face them. Open the door by inspecting it and move your characters forward to the next door infront of them. Go through there and attack the thief, causing him to drop the treasures.

Thief Map #3


1. - Chaos Ring
2. - Potion
3. - Hope Light
4. - Dark Matter

Thief70060433936Steel Sword---320
Red Dragon
x 2
90060391656---Healing Drop1600

     Send Honesty or Thousand to fly over and destroy the barrel infront of the 1st locked treasure chest and to destroy the two barrels to the south of the second locked chest. Don't move your force too far towards the exit or the thief will stop moving, so keep them just a little ahead of him and don't block the exit until he's opened both locked chests as he won't open them if the exit is blocked. Once he's taken both the treasures from the locked chests, attack him for the treasure.

Thief Map #4


1. - White Ring
2. - Wand of Kadas
3. - Masculine Mace

x 2
80065434236Steel Sword---460
Hell Hound
x 2
56062442036--Paralyse AttackFairy Powder700
x 3
70065421624--Acid BreathHealing Drop800

     There are switches and lights in this tomb. The lights illuminate the rooms and the switches remove the spike walls. Send someone to retrieve the Masculine Mace from the far treasure chest from the far treasure chest, but be aware that the hell hound and hydras can trap you in the middle room so make sure you can move far into the room to avoid their range. Send another character through the middle room and through to the room where the thieves are. There is a switch to remove the red walls (which you can see by activating the light) so you can attack the thieves before they make off with the treasure. Either do that or place an archer or magician in the little gap in the room through door from the starting point and hit them through the spikes with ranged attacks.

Thief Map #5


1. - Goddess Tear
2. - Potion
3. - Dragon Rod
4. - Running Pimento
5. - Orifalcon

Thief90065474636Broad Sword---700

     It isn't possible to get every item in this map as there are only a number of carts you can ride on. If you want to get the best items in the map then you'll have to ignore the Goddess Tear in the middle of the map. Send your first character to the west of the three starting carts and send another character on the remaining cart. The third character can get the orifalcon hidden in the ground (to the east of the start of the eastern-most railtrack) then leave the tomb. Retrieve the Potion with your other character then send the main character to the eastern cart of the two carts infront of him. You now have a choice whether to recover the Goddess Tear from the treasure chest in the central room or to pursue the thief. Take the cart infront of the character (the red circle marked 'f' on the map) if you want to get the Goddess Tear, but take the other cart to pursue the thief. It's not really worth getting the Goddess Tear so go for the thief. Take the cart to pursue the thief who should have just taken the Dragon Rod by now. Block the exit on your next turn and on the next turn he will jump from the ledge to attack you, simply attack him for the treasures.

Thief Map #6


1. - Orifalcon
2. - Crystal Rod
3. - Orifalcon
4. - Chaos Blade
5. - Earth Wand

x 7
92080555536Broad Sword---1500

     Position all your characters at a cannon and shoot the thieves when they open the chests. Check which thieves have which items using the B button. Once you have all the items, exit the ruins as usual.